Healthy McDonalds Egg McMuffin


When I used to trawl into The City in the Commuter rush (many moons ago) and never had time for breakfast, I lived and breathed McDonalds or Starbucks Egg McMuffins. They are so comforting and always hit the spot but are so incredibly bad for you! Full of salt, full of cheese and covered with some liquid fat they add to everything really doesn’t make for a particularly healthy breakfast so of course they would be totally off my Clean Eating list now. But I do love finding alternative options and I’ve been eating my own version of these as my go to Brunch for quite a while now.wpid-wp-1431654740810.jpg

So these Egg McMuffins have only about 7g fat, 15g of protein, 24g of Carbohydrates and about 200 calories and the goodness of a bit of spinach thrown in too!

The Cheat of it is being able to make Poached Patty Eggs/ Look-a-like Baked Eggs in the Microwave so no frying needed. And then its as simple as popping the whole thing on the griddle, panini maker or in the oven to toast through.

To make 1 Egg McMuffin:

  • 1 Wholewheat English Muffin
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 Slice Good Quality Ham
  • Handful Spinach
  1. Pre-heat your Toastie maker, Grill Plate or Oven
  2. Split the Wholewheat Muffin in half and place Ham on top of one half
  3. Crack one egg into a ramekin dish (or child’s bowl works equally as well!), remember to prick a hole in the egg yolk to prevent it from popping, cover and cook in the microwave for 30-40 seconds.wpid-wp-1431821591829.jpg
  4. Slide the egg out of the bowl on top of the ham being careful not to let it run all over the side
  5. Place the spinach on top, cover with lid of muffinwpid-wp-1431372452794.jpg
  6. Carefully place the finished article onto the hot grill plate, into the oven or whichever heating machine you are using and grill until all toasted through
  7. Serve immediately and



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