About Me – Food & Fitness

Hi I’m Emily Bastow and up until nearly 3 years ago I was a yoyo dieter and binger.  I love food and anyone who knows me knows I love cooking, it’s my thing! I also love wine, crisps, chips, cheese and bread – these unfortunately are also my thing – I’ve always had such a bad relationship with food; guilt, guilt guilt, and I have never been able to do moderation, I am a total all or nothing girl! But those days are gone…

We moved from the UK to Canada nearly 3 years ago, missing home led to more eating and drinking. Eventually enough was enough and things had to change. I joined the gym at the YMCA (which is the best place ever) lost a few pounds and then gave up when nothing else shifted! so I consulted my good friend for advice on clean eating and how to ‘eat clean to get lean’ (she knows who she is and how eternally grateful I am!!)…..the rest is history. I am addicted to the gym, specifically weight training, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and mid distance running. I love my new found clean lifestyle.  I am no nutritionist but really enjoy finding new healthy foods to fuel my day!

When I got married back in 2005, I thought I was in the best shape I could ever be.  10 years, 2 babies and a  lot of weight gain later I have now beaten my pre baby weight and even shaved 20 pounds off my wedding weight and I feel fantastic for it. I eat more now than I ever did, yet I weigh less and am so much leaner than I’ve ever been. I moved here in a UK Dress size 12 and have just squeezed into a UK size 6. That’s 3 sizes down!

It’s been a real journey for me; as well as sports injuries, health discoveries and major surgery along the way, it takes some serious head bending to get in the right mental state to change how you view food and drink. But it can be done and I actually enjoy food much more than before because I don’t view it negatively with guilt but with excitement trying to find new interesting options, knowing that what I now put in my body is actually doing me good. I hope that by talking about the things that have worked for me,  I can help others lose weight, find enjoyment in healthy food and get to their happy place in life! -:)

Me at ‘my best’ when we got married in 2005

New me 10 years on…


Please note I am not a Nutritionist, the information regarding food and nutrition on this blog is simply my view and opinion and is not qualified in any way.



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