Lunch on the Go – where to run to?!

Busy time of year getting ready for the kids breaking up from school – always dashing here there and everywhere! And it’s so hot and I am hungry!!!

Mostly I prepare my meals in advance where i can but If I’m caught out with no
lunch or can’t no bothered to prep anything before I head out, I always know I can get a meal but stay on plan.

Don’t fret if you are starving and need to head down fast food alley – just stop before you dive into that burger and fries!

See if you can find a Subway – Nothing fancy or over budget just a simple salad, no carbs, fats or excess dressings thrown in. I generally order lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, green peppers and spinach, leaving the pickles and chillies as they are generally sweetened or overly salted, with a portion of oven roasted chicken or turkey, a sprinkling of oregano and hot sauce being the lowest calorie dressing they do, served on the side.

So no nasties in here and no need to get caught short…yummy! All for less than 250 calories!



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