A Simple Little Afternoon Pick me Up

This is a lovely snack, perfect to prepare in advance for when you’re ready to grab and go. It is sweet enough and so revitalising, but low on sugar and calories, wonderful for a mid afternoon slump to see you through the rest of the day until dinner time.

  • Sliced cucumber with skin removed and sprinkled with stevia
  • Raw mixed nuts, roasted, unoiled, unsalted

I slice up and skin a full cucumber, cover with a packet of stevia and leave it refrigerated ready to pull out when I need it.

The nuts can be roasted in the microwave for 3 minutes turning over midway through if you’re in a hurry, or if you’ve got the oven on, roast a jar full for 15 minutes, unsalted, unoiled at 350 and then you’ve always got some on hand. A 1/4 cup serving size of nuts would give you abut 6g protein and all your healthy fats!

You’ll never get caught short and ravonous with this tasty combo!! Try it, it really is tasty!




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