It’s all about Alternatives!

My son’s birthday cake is sitting staring at me, no one is here, no-one would know if I had a piece right?

Thing is I don’t want it!!! REALLY!!!

Coffee time after my workout is my favourite time of day, yes I drink coffee (black mind!) and I love my snacks! I’m worse than a child for snack time!!

Two years ago, I would have so easily reached for the chocolate cake but now I am just not bothered about it. Maybe I am really sad, I don’t know, but I look forward to the delights I prepare for myself and today’s simple snack is just a small sliced apple, 2 tablespoons of nut butter (I’m having a mix of peanut and almond because I can!!) and two thin brown rice cakes….. Gorgeous and so easy. They don’t look that appetizing here as I broke them but they taste just as yummy!!

Figuring out what healthy alternatives excite you is so important and I really hope you can because once you get past the need for junk food, life becomes soooo much easier!!

Have a wonderful day everyone!




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