Ice Ice Ice Baby!!

Living the Fit Life and working out most days of the week can often mean having sore muscles or in my case as I have some fairly tight spots, if I don’t thoroughly stretch properly each week, I can quite easily get plenty of muscle soreness!

The key is knowing your own body and how to best deal with your problem areas. I have several complaints that come and go, from tight hammies, stiff lower back, arthritis in my neck (yes I am only 37!) tight hips, ab muscles that struggle to remember how to work and more recently I have developed Shin splints which is a new one for me! I’m thinking my body was never meant to exercise but I will not let it get the better of me!

I cross train where possible so as to not over-use particular muscles, but sometimes, flare-ups happen and it’s important to know how to treat them to prevent them from getting worse and of course to minimalize time away from training.

Muscle soreness typically involves some degree of inflammation and reduced range of motion that lasts for a few days. In more serious muscle injuries, there may be swelling and bruising. If the muscle soreness is acute which means it has developed recently, then inflammation is likely and it should be treated with cold therapy; icing 3 times a day is the best way to bring it down. When my tight hamstrings first hit last year I somewhat over-iced myself and gave myself ice-burn! and then when I eventually dragged myself to the Doctors Surgery, I don’t think the Doc knew whether to laugh or cry!!

So the reason I’m writing today is to show you a burn-free, cheap way of icing those tight spots!

Just fill a few foam cups with water, place in the freezer for a few hours and when you’re ready to ice, cut the bottom of the cup so it looks a bit like a roll on deodorant! and roll away in circular movements (with a towel underneath to catch the drips) – it works a treat!!


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