Let’s Get on IT!!!

Ok girls, it’s nearly the start of a new month, the kids are nearly back to school and it’s time to give something back to ourselves. Clean Eating and Fitness is a lifestyle. Are you ready to fight for it and get your YOU back?

I hope that by showing you how I eat and workout, it will help you reach your goals. It WILL be slow, and hard going for the first couple of weeks but you WILL get there and you WILL love what your new lifestyle brings you. Not just what your body will look like, but how your mind feels, you WON’T feel guilty about food, you WILL feel more energetic and be able to sleep better and you WILL have a much healthier relationship with yourself and know what works for your own body, after all it is OURS and nobody elses, we owe it to ourselves to understand what makes our body tick!

fight for it


Eat some protein at most if not every meal, eat fruit and veg, and eat healthy fats:






Snack (if you need it)

AND GET A WORKOUT IN – run, swim, walk, lift weights, bike, jump, flip – do whatever you can but GET IT IN!!!!

And have a wonderful day!!



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