Sunday – Workout or Rest Day?

I thought this photo was sooo funny….certainly not me this morning, although it usually is!!

Mrs Mojo is back in town!

I am so raring to go and loving being back in control! I even skipped my treat meal last night to make sure I was on form for Spinning bright and early this morning!! (But then as you know from my last post, I over indulged a little too much this week, so it felt good to break my usual routine as there was no need for my regular Saturday treat…. clawing it back !) I feel so much better for it!

I usually have Sunday as my rest day but with having the couple of days off during the week I worked out today instead! It’s all about getting it in when you can and knowing when to push your body in the best way for you but remembering to take some important time out to rest, recuperate and let those muscles repair.

Did you get yours in today or are you having your rest day and prepping for the week ahead?

If you want a refresher on my Plan check it out here or need helpful tips for food prepping here.





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