Prepare to Achieve…..

So Girls we have 5 days to get ready for our FIT for FALL Plan (do you like what I’ve done there??!!, that’s Autumn where I come from but it doesn’t sound as good!!) I know I am certainly SOOOO excited to get back on it and so pleased to see many of you are up for the challenge to tweak your ways and work along with me!!!

See this picture? This is what we want to achieve. We often hear ‘muscle weighs more than fat’ – This is kind of right but the main point of this picture is to see that FAT TAKES UP MUCH MORE SPACE IN OUR BODY which means that although we may weigh the same, we actually appear a lot bigger if we are made up of more fat. So the aim of the game is to reduce the amount of fat we have and convert it to muscle which would result in a much more leaner looking body……… YES!!!!

Want that beautiful body of yours to slip wonderfully into that fabulous Black Dress for your Christmas Party???? Or get your Bikini body gorgeous in time for your winter holiday????

So let’s get ready…….


 muscle v fat


  • Buy a cute little notebook to use as a food, fitness and measurements diary
  • Take a photo of yourself
  • Measure yourself using a tape measure –  your biceps, thighs, stomach, hips, chest, making a note of what you’re wearing at the time.
  • Weigh yourself, although remember, depending on how much you have to lose that you may not necessarily see dramatic results on the scale.  We are looking to reduce unhealthy body fat which may not show itself in weight and there is a difference.
  • Chuck out all the bad stuff that will tempt you
  • Plan time for exercise in your calendar. If you don’t currently work out at all, then aim for 3 times a week. If you exercise 3 times at the moment, try to fit an extra one in! If you really can’t, don’t despair and not start on plan just because you’ve got a busy week. You’ll never manage it if you don’t start some day – just starting off with your nutrition alone will seriously kick start the new you and then aim to plan it in as soon as you can. You CAN do it!!
  • Weights are your new best friend – either borrow or buy a cheap set of dumbbells if you can’t make it to the gym, I started with a pair of 6lb weights6Lb Dumbbell Weights





And Remember – this is a Journey! It is not a quick fix, it is a lifestyle….one that I absolutely LOVE!!!!! xxxx

Coming up:



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