Where’ve you Been?……


Well dare I say it, summer is nearly over, it’s arrived and is rushing by sooo quickly! I am scraping every last bit out of these summer months…..and all I can do is apologise for my lack of posts over the past few weeks! I am so sorry, I’ve been terrible!

So we had the kitchen reno, then immediately after we have had my parents over from the UK to stay for a couple of weeks, then Mark’s parents for another few weeks and then our 10 year Wedding Anniversary celebrations where we got to go away for the first time alone in years!! It has been absolutely lovely but before I knew it, time has marched on and I have totally lost my MOJO in terms of my food prep, my food intake and my workouts! Summer living has really got the better of me this year!

Last year when we had family over I had just lost all my weight and was obsessed with being at the gym and was so careful with what I ate and drank. While this was good for my body, it wasn’t so good for my mind and for my time with the family as I felt constantly guilty and struggled with where my loyalties lay. This year, I was a bit more laid back as I was happy with my body and happy with where I was and I was ready to give myself a bit of a break to spend quality time with my loved ones while I had them here. We have had some fab times and I have really enjoyed it, unfortunately though, while I was still clean eating most of the time, one little slide led to a few more little slides, one glass of skinny wine led to another not so skinny one, a small piece of dark chocolate led to guzzling a bag of the boys’ treats and a handful of healthy crisps led to a bag full and hey presto my shorts are feeling a little tighter than they were!!

Oh no!!

So a month since I last wrote and I am putting it down as a ‘diet break’ which is an official term for dealing with a plateau where we steadily increase our food intake to then reduce it resulting in kick starting our body back into weight loss. Ideally it shouldn’t have been done the way I’ve done it but the result is basically the same so no harm in making ourselves feel just a little bit better about it!!

Interestingly, which I am actually really pleased about, I know that my body has not dealt well with the change in diet and that in itself makes me even more determined to revert back 100% to clean eating with just one treat meal a week. For our Anniversary, we went out to a beautiful restaurant, ate an absolutely fantastic meal, drank Fizz and more wine, then followed it up the next evening with a curry and more wine with a few added treats during the day because I was ‘on holiday!’ and seriously OMG I have had the worst stomach ache for three days, a terrible feeling of sluggishness and tiredness, and just a total feeling of urgh! Don’t get me wrong, I am not feeling guilty or annoyed with myself, I am in a way glad that I let myself ‘enjoy’ these things to realise that my body now does NOT actually ‘enjoy’ this way of living!! And that is actually a really good feeling!

So onwards and upwards….we get back on the wagon and MOVE ON!!!

So who’s with me?!!


From Monday 31 August I will be back on it and if you’ve enjoyed the summer a little bit too much (which is totally fine, because we know HOW to deal with it!) I would love you to join me on a plight to rescue our bodies!!

So take your measurements, weigh yourself and get your food diary out and let’s get honest!!

I’m going to be going back to basics and doing what I know works! I will be posting what I eat, more meal ideas, workout ideas and I am also hoping to do a half marathon at the end of September which is a total first for me! Also on top of all this I am training to become a Personal Trainer so hope to be able to give you more qualified information as I learn along the way…excited!!

So let’s get on it! Comment below if you’re in and if you would like to see anything in particular to help you on your way…..






2 thoughts on “Where’ve you Been?……

  1. Hi Emily I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog as I’ve been clean eating and working out 4-5 times a week too and I’ve lost a stone in weight but recently I’ve slipped a little too and although I’ve not gained any weight I need to get back into it so I’m really keen to follow you and see your meal plans. Great news about training to be a pt !!
    Many thanks
    Tracey. X


    1. Hi Tracey!! That’s fab news about your weight loss and soooo Glad you find the blog useful!! I thought you looked good on one of your photos recently!! Whohoo, excellent news that you’re back on it with me!! 😁😄 xx


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