Tips to Make Clean Eating Quick, Hassle Free and Easy

A friend said to me this week ‘I don’t think I could do what you do, Clean Eating seems so time consuming and expensive, you’re always having to make things’. I get how it does kind of appear that way; whenever I open my packed lunch it probably looks like I’ve been cooking for hours and making things from scratch which looks such hard work, but really it isn’t!.

People often think healthy living is expensive and hard work but I’m going to share a few of the things I’ve learned along the way to make things easy:

  1. You need a Freezer – Whenever I cook anything I always make more so I can put at least another meals worth in the freezer to take out either when I’m low on groceries or if I haven’t got time/cant be bothered to make anything!
  2. You need a decent Food Processor/Blender – I NEVER owned a blender up until 18 months ago, now I use it all the time. I have a Blender for making smoothies and purees that has an option to make an individual smoothie rather than using the full jug. I also have a good Food Processor for baking and mixing. Neither of these were expensive, just fairly regular ones that do the job fine.
  3. A Shaker Cup is handy so you can take a smoothie or protein shake on the go with you
  4. If you like Pancakes, you need a Pancake Pan – I only bought one of these recently as all mywpid-wp-1431739783271.jpg pancakes kept burning and I couldn’t figure out why. I now know why – you need a proper pan!! again this wasn’t expensive, less than 20 dollars.
  5. Mason Jars (or the cheap equivalent which I use, either plastic or glass but with screw top lids) are really useful for storing foods in the fridge – I use mine for Cauliflower Rice, Chopped Kale, Ready prepped Salad, Cooked Quinoa or Brown Rice. I also have a store cupboard full of them containing all my flours; my protein powders, my rice, quinoa, etc etc. In another cupboard I have jars full of my different nuts, seeds, dried fruit
  6. Any Bananas that go overly ripe, slice them up and freeze them in bags ready for making lovely sweet smoothies
  7. Keep a stash of Frozen Berries in the freezer for easy smoothie making
  8. Egg Whites and Eggs, 0% Fat Greek Yogurt and 1% Fat Cottage Cheese  are easy and cheap to have in regular supply. Boil a few Eggs at a time and keep in the fridge to grab for a snack or lunch
  9. Freeze Chicken Breasts in individual portions to pull out easily and bake for a quick meal. Bake an extra one or two for another lunch.
  10. Slice up Apples (I use Gala) and keep refrigerated in a Tupperware for an easy snack
  11. Keep a good supply of raw Almonds, Walnuts, Brazil and Mixed Nuts and portion out 1/4 cup and store in little pots for a quick snack on the go
  12. Keep a good supply of Zucchini/Courgettes, they are so versatile
  13. Clean and Cut up Veggies to store in the fridge for an easy lunch or snack – I always have Broccolli florets, Cauliflower Florets, Sliced Peppers, Mange Tout (snow peas), and Sliced Celery
  14. Keep a Water Bottle on hand and aim to re-fill it 4 times a day
  15. I make my own Salad Dressing with Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon and Lime Juice so its always good to have these in
  16. My personal favourite Good Sources of Carbs would be Sweet Potato, Oats, Brown Rice and Quinoa
  17. Anything you make such as Muffins, breads, pancakes etc. portion up into bags, label and freeze so you’ve always got something to grab
  18. Find a good hummus or make your own so you’ve always got something yummy to dip veggies in.
  19. Natural Almond And Peanut Butter are good to keep in
  20. When you make a Salad, chop up at least double the vegetables and store the extra in the fridge. When I’m ready to eat another salad or take it with me, I  then add Rocket (Argula), Spinach, Kale or Romaine Leaves which are already prepped to a portion of the saved chopped salad. It then keeps going for so much longer and by adding the leaves when ready to go or serve, it makes each salad fresh.
  21. Make Pancakes or Waffles ahead of time and store in the freezer for an easy Breakfast
  22. If you eat Cereal, make a batch of it at the beginning of the week again so it’s ready for the morning rush!

I hope these tips help, remember the key to success is Preparation and the rest will follow!

More helpful hints to come……


3 thoughts on “Tips to Make Clean Eating Quick, Hassle Free and Easy

  1. We eat pretty well & clean as a family but your ideas have inspired me & i am here preparing following your tips!!!
    You should add these valuable tips to your website also like tips on how to get started!
    Have you got ideas on dinners that are clean that kids love too??
    Well done girl! I am really impressed & really inspired to go to another level now & living your meal & snack ideas.
    Dont forget also we dont work in “cups” very american!!


    1. I’m really glad you like it and find the tips useful Marita! So glad I’ve inspired you.

      Did you check out the Clean Eating pages on the site? You might find more helpful tips there in terms of getting started but if there is anything else you would like to see, let me know!

      Haha! – I ummed and arred about which measurements to use given my UK roots but now North American location and I figured cups are a good one as they are more universal and as long as you are consistent in the cup you use it’s actually easier than measuring!!

      In terms of meals I make for the whole family I tend to make one meal and adapt a bit for me (usually the carb side of things) but certainly there will be a few ideas coming soon. Watch this space!


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