So Jennnifer Aniston Lives the Clean Life too!!

The UK Daily Mail reported last week that Jennifer Anniston, (whose body we ALL want), revealed that she ‘stays fit and healthy by ignoring fad diets’ and the key to her fab body is eating 5 meals a day! It’s funny how you know you are doing the right thing but when you hear a celebrity like Aniston saying the key things you totally believe in, you get a little warm and fuzzy inside….yes!!… (and a little air punch!)

So at the age of 46, Jennifer Anniston doesn’t believe in calorie counting, instead she makes time to eat 5 smaller, more nutritious meals a day that all include lean protein sources. And then she finds a bit more time to squeeze in 25 minutes of resistance based training and a run every day. She shops on a Sunday and meal preps to prevent her from jumping on those pre-packaged snacks when the need to eat arises and she eats and drinks in moderation.

So I say even more reason to continue doing what I’m doing!  I know this lifestyle works for me; I look and feel lean and trim, but knowing that there is no magic pill or hidden secret that keeps Aniston looking this way and as the years go on I too (and you as well!) can still look like that, is a great incentive to enjoy it even more!!

Eating wholesome natural foods at regular intervals throughout the day and enjoying exercise most days of the week is a way of life that should stay with us into our later years.

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