Clean Eating Plan

Weight loss and maintenance is derived 85% in the kitchen and 15% at the gym! Basically this means we can work out all we like but if our diet isn’t right then we are fighting a losing battle to get that weight off. When I got my head sorted and back into exercising this time round, I lost the initial few pounds fairly quickly then hit a plateau and got really fed up with not seeing any results. It was then I began  ‘Eating clean’. But clean eating for me isn’t just about eating healthy foods. I believe success comes from the types of foods you consume and the times at which you consume it. I’m unfortunately not one of those people who can eat as much ‘healthy’ food as I like and lose weight. I think I’ve always had a really slow metabolism and have to work really hard at losing weight which is why I’ve probably given up diets so regularly!

My ‘Clean Eating’ Lifestyle is accompanied by a ‘plan’ and it certainly works for me. I have been eating this way for 15 months now and with a little bit of trial and error along the way I know it works. Not only has it made me lose the most weight I’ve ever been able to, it is sustainable, I haven’t ‘yoyoed’ at all and I never feel like I’m going without or I’m ‘on a diet’. And the advantages to my body are huge:

  • My skin is brighter and less dry
  • I have much more energy and stamina
  • I feel much more at ease with myself
  • I sleep so much better
  • My general health is better, don’t want to tempt fate but I don’t remember having a cold this year!
  • I don’t have digestion issues like I always used to. Eating this way agrees with my body
  • I have lean muscle and look ‘toned’

Take a look at my Clean Eating Plan page


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