So What is ‘Clean Eating’ Anyway?

So calling myself  ‘Clean Em’, I guess I should tackle the question ‘What is ‘Clean Eating’ Anyway?’

‘Clean Eating’ means different things to lots of different people. Everyone has their own take on what a ‘Clean’ Lifestyle should look like.

While there is no clear definition of ‘Clean Eating’ which isn’t too helpful, it is generally agreed that eating ‘Clean’ is eating foods that are as close as possible to their purest form and from natural sources without having been messed with; foods that are not processed and contain no additives or chemicals. Some Clean Eaters only eat foods with less than 10 ingredients and only if they can recognise or can pronounce them! Others don’t eat packaged foods at all and consume products derived only from nature. Some don’t eat Meat or Dairy, or are totally Vegan.

My thoughts are each to their own! I don’t disagree or agree with any of the above, but I know what works for me and I lie somewhere in between! ‘Clean Eating’ to me is a way of life, it takes some getting your head around but once you do, it’s not a diet, it’s just the way you become, honestly it is!! it becomes a lifestyle, which is why I no longer yoyo diet and it feels sooooooooooo good!!

Personally, where possible I prefer to eat foods in their purest, rawest form. I do eat some meat and I do eat some dairy. I limit starchy carbohydrates like white pasta, white bread, white rice. I don’t eat refined sugar or white sugar, and I no longer have diet or sugary drinks, fruit juice or alcohol (apart from at my treat or ‘re-fuel’ meal which I will talk about later!) and I don’t eat chips, crisps, processed cookies or sweets. I’ve also recently given up all forms of artificial sweetener, which was a biggy for me as I was a Spenda kind of girl. Although I haven’t had sugar in my coffee for years I did need something sweet so always used Splenda. While I honestly don’t love the taste of Stevia I have succumbed and started using it in my coffee now because it is a more natural sweetener and not filled with junk like Spenda! Other than in my coffee I don’t tend to use it but in my cooking instead use natural products like honey or dates to sweeten things up (but just pay attention to how much I use!)

Anyway I deviate…..where possible I do try to make most things I eat myself, making my own food means I know exactly what I’m eating, It just takes a bit of preparation in advance. While this sounds so time consuming it really isn’t that hard and hopefully that’s where  I can help!

So starting out is the hardest bit and getting my head around what and how much I should be eating was by far the most difficult part of changing my habits. But by beginning to make changes we are progressing in the right direction and it will become easier with time!

Check out my list of ‘Clean Foods’.


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