Living the Clean and Fit Life

DSC_0352 (3)Welcome to my new revamped Website and Blog! I am so happy you stopped by!

Three years ago I started on a long journey of discovery to stop binge and yoyo dieting. By eating ‘clean’ food and regularly exercising, I am now the lightest, leanest, healthiest and most confident and happy self I have ever been. You’ll see  here  that I went from couch potato to fitness fanatic!. In the last year I have taken my passion to the next level and trained to become a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. I am YMCA of Canada Certified as a Fitness Instructor specializing in Boot Camp classes, Interval Training, Aquafit and Cyclefit, and a member of CANFITpro as a Certified Personal Trainer. I am absolutely committed to training with 100% correct form and with efficiency. I believe in eating sensibly but still happily! I  hope to be able to help you on your journey to finding your new self as it REALLY IS THE BEST PLACE TO BE!

Check out my article on what ‘clean eating‘ actually is, what does it even mean and really how easy is it?!

Take a peek at some healthy meals, some sweet treats and salty snacks on my recipes page…..and contact or train with me

All the information on this site is my own opinion provided for free from my experience, trial and errors and I really hope it helps you. Remember perseverance and consistency is so important, change old habits and make new ones to see results. I really love to receive feedback and hear how you’re doing so drop me a note, comment and join the conversation!…

Em xxx